District Sports Complex :- Annotation


           The aim to develop internationality renounced sportsman to attain highest standards in sports and  aims to achieve for India pre highest position in International sports and also to develop   interest to develop Sports and physical exercise among children young and old and to build up physical and this  mentally sound society. Maharashtra Government has decided to provide sports facility  by establishing :

1)     Taluka Sports Complex           : At Taluka Level

2)     District Sports Complex          : At District Level

3)     Divisional Sports Complex     : At Divisional Level

     Accordingly it was decided to establish Dhule District Sports Complex on a 12.5 acres plot at c.s.No.1/2 Walwadi Shivar. The construction started on 15 Aug.2003 and today it is ready to be offered to serve public.

      Initially the budgeted expenditure to build up Sports Complex was Rs.7.50 Crore .Latter on it was decided to add more Facilities and purchase latest sports equipment worth Rs.1.00 crore witch increased its budget to Rs.11.50 Crore Rs 4.00 Crore is received as Govt. grant. The rest of amount received from sale of commercial spaces constructed under spectators Gallery and membership fees from life time members. It was decided by the  sports minister, District care taker Minister, Collector and chairman and committee members to construct Mini Stadium and commercial complex on centrally located Garud Ground This will raise addition funds for District Sports Complex which is almost ready.

       The total expenditure is District Sports Complex increased till date is Rs.10,25,47,350 which is made from funds raised from sale of above mentioned spaces in commercial complex its funds  of Rs.4.00 crore as Government Grant .M/s.E.C.P. Housing Pvt Ltd, Jalgaon is a contractor and M/s Rachana Vishava,Dhule is Architecture of this project

Following facilities in District Sports Complex have been completed till date

1)   Open Stadium  :- Main Pavilion building with spectators Gallery of seating   capacity for 10,000

                              :- 400 meters running track

                              :-Football, Hockey, Kabbaddi, Kho-kho, Volleyball, Cricket ground, Basketball court


                              :- Changing  room and lavatory,etc.

2) Indoor Multipurpose Hall :- American Mapell Wooden Flooring

                                                :- Acoustic facilities

                                             :- Badminton

                                             :- Gymnastics

                                             :- Basketball

                                              :- Volleyball facilities etc.

3)Muiliple hall chain            :- Table Tennis

                                              :- Wrestling

                                               :- Judo

                                               :- Aerobics

                                               :- Yoga

                                               :- Chess

                                                :- Carom

   :- Billiards

   :- Squash Court

   :- VIP Lounge

   :- Changing Room

   :- store room

4) Swimming Pool (50x21)    :- Spectator Gallery

            :- Astral Mala

            :- filtration  Plant

            :- Baby pool

            :- Changing room

5) Fitness Center                      :- Multi-gym

            :- Sauna-Bath

            :- Steam-Bath

            :-  Zakogi

             :- massage etc.

6) Separate hostel gallery to boys and girls

7) Lawn tennis Ground

8) Cafeteria

9) District Sports Officers Office

10) VIP Guest House

11) Beatification of Domestic Roads

12) Domestic Electrification

13) Parking Facility

14) Target  Sulphire     :-                     

                It has been set up to inspire  the aspirant sportsman and to reflect concentration, Hexibility ,preciseness energy ,Stamina ,Brickness,Goodness,Leadership In vision qualities required to make  all-round Sportsman Shri Chandrashekar Warma of Dhule to the sulpharist  who has transformed the Idea Of Committee in this   sulphire. This sulphire has been awarded by The Bombay Art Society sulphire depicts the message To take   proper decision at proper time at proper ages so as to choose appropriate sports to suit ones physical and mental ability so as to achieve overall development along with good health

15)  Commercial   Spaces    :- commercial   spaces   are offered for sale to raise funds for sports complex which have been constructed under spectators Gallery

16) Life Time Membership :- The residence of Dhule have been offered life time membership for their family at an affordable membership fees to facilitate  from to enjoy all sports  facility and this maintain physical and Mental health .This serves as additional source of  funds for sports complex .Till date 65 application have been received by committee for life time membership along with first instrument of deposit committee expects to accept 200 Life time members. This fees will  take care of maintains and development expenses of sports complex.

        The sports facilities are provided to sportsman at very   affordable fees .The yearly rent received funds from sports facilities are planned to be asked for repair maintenance and management of sports complex

         This huge and Mega Dhule District Sports Complex will nearly   add new facilities to history and Beautification of Dhule city by internality all Sports facilities at a single place. This sports complex will prove a boon  to aspirant sportsman and It will be beneficial to sportsman and sports association in the District. It will  serve as an ideal place for training, practice and development or sportsman along with conducting varies sported competition . This sports complex can be expected to mould sportsman spirit into aspirant sportsman who will take    Dhule city name at National and International Sports.

       Thus with   the completion of modern Ultra Modern District Sports complex the Year lay dreams of city development has come into reality





                                                               Collector and Chairman

                                           District Sports complex Executive Committee