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MIDC in District


Dhule District


1) Dhule Industrial Area.


          MIDC has planned to develop an industrial area on 400.35 Hect. of land.  About 278.08 Hect. of land has came in possession of MIDC.  MIDC has provided all the basic infrastructure such as roads, street lights, water supply pipe lines in this area.

          MIDC has constructed an earthen dam on Motinala to fulfill the requirement of water of the industrial area.   MIDC has provided water supply scheme of 4.50 MLD capacity.  Presently the consumption of the water is about 2.20 MLD.  The rate of allotment of industrial plot is Rs. 100.00 per sqm.


2) Nardana Central Government sponsored Growth Centre.

           MIDC has planned to develop an industrial area on 750.09 Hect. of land.  About 648.56 Hect. of land has came in possession of MIDC.  The reservation of water for 4.38 MM3 per year has been granted by Irrigation Department.  MIDC  has provided the water supply scheme for this industrial area.  This scheme includes Jackwell, 600 mm dia PSC raw water rising main (13.50 Km.), 400 mm dia PSC pure water rising main (9.50 Km.) water treatment plant of 6 MLD capacity & 1000 cum capacity ESR.  Presently MIDC is developing phase I having land 480 Hect.  MIDC has completed 7.22 Km. WBM roads, out of which asphalting of 2.10 Km road is completed.  MIDC has also provided the water supply distribution pipe lines.

               The rate of allotment of industrial plot is Rs. 50.00 per Sqm.

3) Brahmanwel Industrial Area.

               MIDC has developed wind energy project on 438.00 Hect. of land & generation of  energy is started from January 2002. 

4) Ubharandi & Raipur Industrial Area.

               158.84 Hect. of land has came in possession of MIDC & the same land is allotted to wind energy project.   


The Association namely “Dhule Avdhan Manufacturers Association Avdhan, Dhule” has been established for development of Industries in MIDC Dhule Industrial Area.

     The past Presidents as under are contributed for development of Dhule Industrial Area.

 1)      Shri Vishvanath Kanugo.

 2)      Shri Padmakar D. Kulkarni.

 3)      Shri Yogesh Purohit

 4)      Shri Nitin Bang

 5)      Shri Vivek D. Sonawane.

 6)      Shri Hansraj Agrawal.

 7)      Shri Jugalkishor Gindodiya.

 8)      Shri Bhajanlal R. Sharma. 

At present the members of above Association are as follows.

 1) Shri Vivek D. Sonawane                     -           President.

 2) Shri Sandip Agrawal                           -           Vice President.

 3) Shri Nitin Deore                                 -           Secretary.

 4) Shri Rajendra Sisodiya                       -           Treasurer.










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