About District

The Old West Khandesh is the district Dhule today. This district is situated at the foot of the Satpuda hill. The mountain range of Sahyadri has reached the western side of this district. Besides, the mountains of Galna situated. Tapi, Panzara, Kan, Arunavati, Amravati, Aner, Evil and Sandy rivers flow through the district. The division of Dhule district on 1st July 1998 resulted in the existence of Nandurbar District. Dhule, Sakri, Shindkheda and Shirpur are among the four talukas in Dhule district. Dhule and Shirpur are administrative subdivisions.

From Dhule district, Mumbai-Agra, Nagpur-Surat, Dhule-Solapur national highways gone. While there is a railway service between Dhule and Chalisgaon, Bhusaval-Surat railway line is located in Dhule district. Near Dhule city, there is a special attention, at Nardana, Tal. Shindkheda There is industrial estate. There is an airport at Gondur, Tal./Dist.- Dhule and Shirpur.

Major crops are cotton, bajra, jowar, groundnut, maize, soyabean in Dhule district. Paddy is grown on the west side of Sakri taluka in the district. During the rabi season, wheat and gram are harvested. Besides, cash crops like cane, banana, chilli and cotton are being harvested. Celebrations the festival in the district are Gudipada, Akshaya Trutiya, Ganesh Utsav, Dashera, Diwali and Eid etc.

Dhule district has about 376 ‘K’ class tourist destinations. Laling, Songir, Tal. Dhule, Bhameer, Tal. Sakri, There are historic forts in the hills and Bhuikot at Thalner, Tal. Shirpur. Simultaneously at Laling fort, there is a waterfall in Laling Kuran, which is a frequent of tourists during at rainy season. The Alaladari waterfalls is also famous tourists spot at Amali area of Sakri taluka. At Dhule District historical V. S. Rajwade museum located. In this museum, many historical, untimely items are found. It is also the temple of Shri Vagdevata of the virtuous party. Here the material of Samarth Ramdas Swami has been preserved.

Aner Dam Sanctuary Area, Nageshwar, Tal. Shirpur campus is also being developed as a tourist destination. There is Aner sanctuary near the dam on the river Aner in Shirpur taluka. The Aner sanctuary in the area of 83 Sq.Km. In this sanctuary, birds, folks, sheep, wolf, bears, wild boars, rabbits, pheres, quails, vultures, woodpeckers, pineapples, mynas, horns, Hornbills, pannikbadi, and herbs etc. are found in this sanctuary.