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Aims and Objectives

The main role of the branch is to grant various licenses , permits and maintain the law and order. The various services provided by the branch are as follows.

  1. Magisterial enquiries of communal riots.
  2. Reporting of Police Firing.
  3. Grant/Renewal of Cinema & Videos licenses.
  4. Appointments of Govt.Pleaders.
  5. Magisterial enquiries prisoners.
  6. Solvency Certificates up to Rs.40 Lakhes.
  7. Requisition of Vehicles for Law & Order.
  8. Petroleum / Gas pumps NOC.
  9. “J” licenses .
  10. Grant of licenses for firework crackers.
  11. Prison grants allotment & enquires.
  12. The matter regarding maintenance of Law & order.
  13. Grant/Renewal of licenses for Storage.
  14. Activity related to Freedom fighters and their pension/facilities regarding ST passes.
  15. Temporary permit for transport of firearms.
  16. Law & Order in Religious Festivals-granting of permission for procession.
  17. Character Certification Reports.
  18. Citizenship verification.
  19. Reporting of leaves of prisoner.
  20. Grant of Solatium fund.
  21. SEO appointment Correspondence.

Revenue recovery in year 01/04/2017 to 20/03/2018

Type of License Numbers Revenue recovery
Arms Licenses 522 4,58,800/-
Explosive licenses

Details of Freedom fighters

Category of freedom fighters Total registrations
Central Govt. 49
State Govt. 136
Total 185