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Rajwade Sanshodhan Mandal

Shri Vishvanath Kashinath Rajwade the great historian of Maharasthra died on 31st December 1926, leaving behind a good collection of Sanskrit and Marathi. Manuscripts numbering about 3500 and also a collection of historical documents and papers. The Mandal was established on 9th January 1927 at Dhulia with the object of erecting a fire proof building to house the late Shri. Rajwade’s collection for a safe keep and making it available to scholars and students working in the field of history, sociology and literature. The object of contributing fire proof building was achieved on 5th January 1932, when the building of Rajwade Sanshodhan Mandal was opened. The Mandal is interested in carrying out research work and publication. Soon the mandal published “ Dhatu Kosh “ and “ Namadi Shabda Vyutpati Kosh.” The Mandal runs a journal ‘Sanshodhak’ through which much of the writing of the late Rajwade have been published.

The Mandal maintains of modest Museum containing copper plates, coins, acroliths miniatures, painting, fine manuscript. Besides there is a picture gallery exhibiting large portraits of many historical personages a well as research scholars.

The Mandal has fairly good library having books on history, Philosophy, Education, Polities, Biogusphy etc.