Land Acquisition


  1. Collector
  2. SLAO(Mediuum Project) , SLAO(General) , SLAO (No.1) , SDO – Dhule , SDO – Shirpur
Sr. No Related Act’s Related Rules
1 Land Acquisition Act 1894 Land Acquisition Rule (Land Acquisition manual)
2 M.I.D.C. Act 1961
3 Maharashtra Municipal Council Act 1965
4 M.H.A.D.A. Act 1976
5 Indian Railway Act 1989
6 National Highways Act 1956 National Highway Rules 1957

Development through Land Acquisition

India is a developing Country India has a dream to become super power till 2020. After independence, growth of various sectors like, transport, (Railway, Highways, Airport, Ports), Industrial Areas, Townships, Irrigation projects, Power projects, other infrastructures is increasing day by day.

Land is a prime factor for the above projects; which is made available by Land Acquisition Department.

Status of Land Acquisition Proceedings

No. S.L.A.O. Total No. of current cases Related Projects
1 S.L.A.O. (Medium) 102 National Highway No.3,6
2 S.L.A.O. (Generals) 101 Akkalpada Project, Wadi-Shewadi, Project Jamkhedi project, Sulwade Barrage.,Muncipal Corporation Dhule, Muncipal Council Dondaicha, M.C. Shirpur, M.S.EB.,S.T.
3 S.L.A.O. (No.1) 101 Percolation Tank, Village tank, Canals, K.T.weirs.,NH-211
4 S.D.O. , Dhule 24 M.I.D.C., Gaothan Extensions
5 S.D.O. , Shirpur 24 M.I.D.C., Gaothan Extensions, Canals.

Recent Development through Land Acquisition In Dhule District

  1. Widening of Existing 2 lane Carriage way to 4/6 lane – National Highway No. 6 (Surat-Nagpur)
    For the above important project of National importance 296.46 ha. Land is Acquired till date.
  2. Various Irrigation Projects
  3. Sr.No Name of the project of Land Acquired / To be acquired Command Area under irrigation
    1 Amarawati project 553.40 ha 270 ha
    2 Lower Panzara (Akkalpada Project) 1409.47 ha 6191 ha
    3 Sarang kheda Barrage 1823.50 ha 8768 ha
    4 Sulwade Barrage 1272.00 ha 7560 ha
    5 wadi – Shewadi Porject 928.65 ha 5980 ha
    Total 5987.02 ha 31208 ha

    Acquisition of 5987.02 ha of Land for irrigation project, resulted in Green Revolution in Dhule District . 31208 ha of land bought under perennial irrigation.

  4. Building Water – Conservation Structure
  5. Large No. of village tanks, percolation tanks were constructed under M.R.E.G.S. Scheme by acquiring private lands.

  6. Industrial Development
  7. Development of industrial growth centers of Dhule & Naradhana was mode possible only after the acquisition of land from the private owners .

  8. Gaothan Extension
  9. Social empowerment of low income groups is one of the important aspect of our Democracy . Population pressure in the Rural area created a demand for residential plots that demand was fulfilled through acquisition of land for Gaothan Extensions.