1. Collector
  2. Deputy Collector,(Administration)
  3. District Administrative Officer , Urban Development Department Branch
  4. Aval karkun
  5. Clerk
  6. Peon

The administrative work is carried out by the branch of Municipal corporation, Dhule and Shirpur, Dondaicha municipal council, and Shindkheda and Sakri Nagar Panchayat of Dhule district. The responsibility of giving administrative approval to the various grants received by the government from these government bodies is done by this office.

Aims and Objectives

Distribution of grants received from the Government to Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council / Nagar Panchayat, Council, conducting general elections for the local council, Municipal Council / Nagar Panchayat, and also take appropriate action On various references from the government Divisional commissioners etc organizing review meetings councils / Nagar Panchayat, Corporation. And administration of Urban Sector of District, Drawing and disbursing of grants received from related works etc.