Structure –

  1. Collector
  2. Additional Collector
  3. Deputy Collector, (Rehabilitation)
  4. Aval karkun
  5. Circle Officer
  6. Clerk
  7. Peon

This branch has responsibility to complete all amenites permissible for project Affected people in their rehabilited villages. To give project affected certificate, To restrict transfer of lands in benefited/under submargance area.To release all restrictions on benefitial Zone land when project completes.

Aims and Objectives

To give administrative sanction of aminitywork in rehabilited villages and take review to complete work in time. To allot plots to project affected people in rehabilited village. To give permission of sale/partition of land in the benefitial Zone. To give project affected certificate. correspondence on the applications of the project affected people, the seniority of the applications filed for the project affected persons, organizing quarterly rehabilitation committee meeting.