• Nashik Division Teacher Election- Final Electoral Roll New
  • “Nashik Division Teachers’ Constituency Election –de-novo preparation of electoral roll – period from 30/9/2023 to 30/12/2023 – Within 6 years immediately before 1 November, 2023 engaged for a total period of at least 3 years in teaching in any education institute not lower in standard than that of a secondary school is eligible for registration. For more information – contact to Tahsil / Addl. Tahsil offices, Dhule City / Dhule Rural / Sakri / Pimpalner / Shindkheda / Dondaicha / Shirpur.” New


The Old West Khandesh is the district Dhule today. This district is situated at the foot of the Satpuda hill. The mountain range of Sahyadri has reached the western side of this district. Besides, the mountains of Galna situated. Tapi, Panzara, Kan, Arunavati, Amravati, Aner, Evil and Sandy rivers flow through the district.      View More

At a Glance

Area: 7,195 Sq. Km. Population: 20,50,862
Language: Marathi Villages: 678
Male: 10,54,031 Female: 9,96,831